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Joining UCSB Alumni Association LinkedIn, the official LinkedIn group for UCSB graduates provides life-long networking exclusively with other UCSB alumni. Connect with your Gaucho family for insight when you are contemplating a career change, posting or seeking employment, building and extending your list of professional contacts, providing referrals, building your business, or searching for other career-related information.  Remember to contribute to the forum and share information, ideas, resources and contacts with others.  Networking is a two-way process.

How to Join

Click Here To Join

...and follow the instructions. You will be asked to create a profile if you do not already have one. Once you submit your request to join, you will be approved as quickly as possible. 

Please share this link and information with your UC Santa Barbara alumni to help continue the growth and strength of our network!

Getting Started on LinkedIn – Creating Your Profile

If you need assistance creating your profile or want to fine-tune your current one, explore the tutorial created by UCSB Career Services.  Or watch a short webinar prepared by Linkedin here.

LinkedIn is a great resource for looking for an additional edge as they network and job search. It's easy to sign up for an account, but new users often get stuck asking "what next"? Simply having an account isn't enough, so here are a few tips for on getting started with LinkedIn:

Make Connections

If you can build a decent-size network on LinkedIn, all the other features will work much better! The first thing you should do is import contacts from your address book or webmail account by clicking on Imported Contacts along the left side under Contacts.

LinkedIn automatically selects all of the imported contacts, so first you should uncheck the Select All box. Now take a look through the list for people marked with the blue In logo to the right of their name (this means they're already on LinkedIn), and select the ones you want to connect with. Good choices are fellow alumni from class/activities, former co-workers and supervisors, or close family friends. You can also search by graduating class and company, for those peers/colleagues for which you do not have their email address.

At least weekly, review the list of “People You May Know” found in the top right quadrant of your profile. Be certain to click on the “see more” link.”  Invite those people you know well to connect with you.  Remember though, if you cannot not provide a recommendation of some sort for that person, it is best not to invite them to connect, as yet another connection of yours may request an introduction to that individual.  Be certain to provide a personalized message when you invite to connect (see a sample personalized message below).  Do not use the automated template provided. People are more likely to connect if you explain who you are and why you want to connect with them.

Build your network before you need it. No matter how the economy or your career is doing, having a strong network is a good form of job security. Don’t wait until times are tough to nurture your network. The key to networking (or “schmoozing”), however, is filled with counter-intuitiveness. First, it’s not who you know—it’s who knows of you. Second, great schmoozers are not thinking “What can this person do for me?” To the contrary, they are thinking, “What can I do for this person?”  

Write A Linkedin Invitation to Connect That Will Get Results

Join other relevant Linkedin groups

Groups are a great way to expand your network even further. Once you join the UCSB Alumni Association Linkedin group you can also request access to its sub-groups such as  UCSB Bay Area, UCSB San Diego Area, etc. Next, try seeking out a group related to your chosen industry Joining relevant career-focused groups will allow you to view and participate in discussions with industry professionals, as well as allow you to get closer to connecting to all of the members that are already a part of that group. Most groups have job boards as well. To learn how to search for and join groups pertinent to your career interests visit the brief tutorial here. Read more here.

The 6 Golden Rules of Professional LinkedIn Profiles

  • Fill out your profile to 100% completion   
  • Join a few groups
  • Claim your custom URL:
  • Provide recommendations
  • Keep your profile up-to-date Take advantage of LinkedIn, so get started now, and head here for more resources!
  • Use LinkedIn selflessly. Respond and contribute to discussion questions you’re your background can help provide pertinent information. Find a high school teacher or a non-profit leader from your home town. Connect with them and offer to help their students by telling them about UCSB and how you got in. You’ll be on your way to becoming a master networker using LinkedIn.

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