Robert Ballard '65 - Oceanographer, Discovered Titanic wreckage Robert Ballard Dr. Ballard most recently found the remains of a PT-109 that a young John F. Kennedy was aboard when it sank during World War Two. Dr. Ballard was also the chief designer of the Argo-Jason system, a robotic submarine craft with multiple video cameras. He later used this machine on his discovery of the Titanic in 1985 The following year, Ballard visited the Titanic in person using another submarine vessel he helped design, called the 'Alvin.' Ballard's career also includes the discovery of the German battleship, the Bismarck in 1989 and the English luxury liner, the Lusitania. Today, Dr. Ballard lives in Connecticut and continues to research in oceanography, and has published numerous times in scientific journals and National Geographic.
Leroy Chiao '85 - Astronaut Leroy Chiao Chiao entered NASA's prestigious training center in 1990, becoming an astronaut in 1991. On the July 1994 Columbia space launch, Chiao worked in the Space Station as a mission specialist, conducting life and material science experiments. On this mission he became the first Chinese American in space. He took with him a UCSB flag in honor of his alma mater and his faculty mentor Robert Rinker, professor of chemical engineering and associate dean for academic affairs. He has now been assigned commander of Expedition 9, the next mission aboard the International Space Station. The expedition is scheduled for launch aboard a Soyuz spacecraft in April, 2004. Chiao was the recipient of a Distinguished Alumni Award in 1995.
Alexei Filippenko '79 - Astronomer Alexei Filippenko Filippenko researches black holes and optical, ultraviolet, and near-infrared wavelengths at UC Berkeley.
Kris C. Kealey '87 - Doctor Kris C. Kealey Dr. Kealey was the first Stanford graduate to ever 'double board,' or earn certification in two different areas, physical medicine/rehabilitation and internal medicine.
Martin S. Silverman '75 - Neurobiologist Martin S. Silverman This distinguished scientist discovered that photoreceptors can be transplanted to the blind eye to recover visual sensitivity.

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