Law and Politics
Deb Callahan '81 Deb Callahan An Enviromental Studies Program graduate, is the immediate past president of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). She was president of the LCV for ten years from January 1996 until her resignation on January 4, 2006. She was also the Executive Director of the Brainerd Foundation (1995-1996), Program Officer for the W. Alton Jones Foundation (1992-1994), Political Officer of the National Toxics Campaign (1991-1992), Campaign Manager for Wolpe congressional campaign (1990-1991), and National Field Director for the Al Gore presidential primary campaign (1987-1988).
Lewis Tambs '53 - Former Ambassador Lewis Tambs Tambs served as US Ambassador to Costa Rica from 1985 to 1987 and to Columbia from 1983 to 1985. He now teaches in the Department of History at Arizona State University.
Lawrence Baca '73 Lawrence Baca A 1988 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, Lawrence has not rested on his laurels. He is currently Deputy Director of the Office of Tribal Justice, United States Department of Justice. Also, after 20 years as the Chair of the Indian Law Section of the Federal Bar Association he has run for national office and is National Secretary of the FBA. Baca also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Native American Bar Association (he is a former three term President of NNABA) and has just completed three years as Chair of the American Bar Association Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Profession. He has also been teaching federal Indian law as an Adjunct Professor at American University (2005-2006).
Barbara Bodine '70 Barbara Bodine Former ambassador to Yemen, Barbara has recently been appointed to the UC Board of Regents where she will serve a two year term. Barbara has spent much of her long career working for the United States on Southwest Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. She was twice appointed to Bureau of Near East Affairs' Office of Arabian Peninsula Affairs, first as Country Officer for the Yemenis, then as Political-Military officer for the peninsula. She also served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion and occupation in 1990. In 1997, she was appointed by the President to be Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen.
Delaine Eastin '71- State Superintendent Delaine Eastin Elected in 1998, this education advocate is the first woman to be elected California State Superintendent. Before her election, she served four terms in the State Assembly from 1986-1995. During her career as an assemblywoman, where she also served as chair of the Assembly Committee on Education. Among her top issues is the need for quality libraries in schools and universal preschool for all three and four-year olds.
Peter Bouckaert '93 - Human Rights Investigator Peter Bouckaert From the Washington Post: "In the last year, Bouckaert, senior researcher for the emergencies program of New York-based Human Rights Watch, undertook 12 missions, rushing off to Macedonia, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel and the West Bank, with multiple return trips to some." Bouckaert graduated in 1993 with a Law & Society and Black Studies double major and has come to be called by the Washington Post "one of the most skillful human rights investigators of his time."
Lois Capps '90 M.A. - California Congresswoman Lois Capps Capps first joined the congress in 1998, after her victory in the special election to succeed her late husband, Congressman Walter Capps. She has since won her 2000 reelection and continues to represent the 22nd Congressional District encompassing most of Santa Barbara county and all of San Luis Obispo county.
Ray Fisher '61 Ray Fisher Is a Federal Appeals Judge for the Ninth Circuit and was an alum of the year in 1999.
Marc Grossman '72 - Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Marc Grossman Before being sworn in as Under Secretary for Political Affairs in March of 2001, Grossman served in a number of Foreign Service positions. From 1994 to 1997 he was the Ambassador to Turkey. Other positions include Special Assistant to the Secretary of State and Executive Secretary of the Department of State.
Mary K. Sturtevant '78 - Special Assist. to President Bush Mary K. Sturtevant Sturtevant worked a number of years for the CIA before being appointed to Special Assistant to President George W. Bush. With the CIA she served as Directorate of Operations, the Directorate of Science and Technology, and as Agency Comptroller.
Robert Lagomarsino '50 - Former California congressman Robert Lagomarsino This politician's career began as the mayor of Ojai, CA. Shortly thereafter he served in the California senate. He later was elected to the Ninety-third Congress in 1974 and was reelected to nine successful congresses until his last term ending in 1992. Mr. Lagomarsino's Congressional and State archives have been established at California State University Channel Islands.
Sheila Lodge '61 Sheila Lodge Served as mayor of Santa Barbara from 1981-1993. She also served as a Santa Barbara city council member from 1975-1981 and on the Santa Barbara city planning commission from 1973-1975.
Ken Khachigian '66 - Top GOP Political Consultant Ken Khachigian Khachigian, who won the UCSB Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award in 1989, has written speeches for both President Nixon and President Reagan. Khachigian remains active in politics as a top analyst and consultant for GOP. As a student, Khachigian was active in Student Government and was the AS President from 1965-1966.
Robert T. Olmos '69 - Attorney Robert T. Olmos From 1991-1995 Olmos served as Executive Director of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. His career spans high profile cases and work for non-profit organizations, specializing in employment and civil rights cases. Today he continues to practice law with Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.
Don Petterson '54 - Former Ambassador Don Petterson From Robert Magruder '55: "Don is former ambassador to several 'new world' countries including The Sudan and Zanzibar. He has just published a book about the latter which has very good reviews in Foreign Policy Magazine." Petterson's latest book is titled "Revolution in Zanzibar."
Patricia Phillips '56 Patricia Phillips First woman to head the Los Angeles Bar Association.
Giandomenico Picco '72 - Former Assist. Secretary General to United Nations Giandomenico Picco As a diplomat for the United Nations, Picco has been involved with negotiations that led to Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and the 1988 ending of the Iran-Iraq war. He also acted as chief negotiator, working directly with Lebanese captor groups for the release of their hostages. He as since written a book, "Man Without a Gun: One Diplomat's Secret Struggle to Free the Hostages, Fight Terrorism, and End a War," about his experiences.
Patricia L. Scarlett '71 - Assist. Secretary of the Interior Patricia L. Scarlett Before being named to her Assist. Secretary of the Interior for Policy, Management and Budget post, Scarlett worked with the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles. Her career there began in 1980 and included numerous positions, including Director of Research, and Executive Director of the Reason Public Policy Institute, the Foundation's think tank division. Her final position with the Foundation was as its President.
Ishaq Shahryar '61, M.A.'69 - Ambassador to the United States from Afghanistan. Ishaq Shahryar Recently, Shahryar was appointed by the interim government of Afghanistan Ambassador to the United States. In 1976, Shahryar founded Solec International, which has since become the leading developer of solar energy cells. Shahryar has also worked for NASA's Jupiter Project, designing solar cells. In 2001, he participated in U.N. talks to form an interim government in Afghanistan.
R. Barrie Walkley '67 - Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea R. Barrie Walkley Before his appointment by President Bush to become Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea, Walkley held a number of positions in Foreign Service. Some of the positions he has include Deputy Chief of Mission in Kinshasa, Congo, Public Affairs Officer in Islamabad, Pakistan, and U.N. Spokesperson in Somalia.
Joseph Wilson '72 - former ambassador to Gabonese Republic and to the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome Joseph Wilson He served in Iraq as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy from 1988 to 1991.

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