Tom Simms '70 - Former CEO of Mimi's Restaurant Tom Simms Tom Simms graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara 1970. He studied aeronautics with dreams of following his father as an Air Force pilot. But his fascination with his father's restaurant business won out. They created their own restaurant as a combination coffee house and dinner house. The name Mimi came from a French woman Tom's father, Authur, met at the end of World War II. In 2006, Mimis Cafe proudly opened its 100th restaurant in Atlanta, GA.. Mimis Cafe was aquired by Bob Evans Farms, Inc., in 2004
Jeff Henley - Chairman of Oracle Jeff Henley Henley, has long been seen as the steady hand guiding the Redwood City software giant's day-to-day operations and one of the few executives able to sustain a long-term partnership with Oracle founder and chief executive Larry Ellison. Henley will continue to serve as Oracle's chief financial officer until a replacement is found.
Janet A. Alpert '68 - President of LandAmerica Financial Group Janet A. Alpert Before coming to LandAmerica, this business woman worked for Lawyers Title as senior vice-president and executive vice-president-operations in the company's LA office. She later became president and chief operating officer at Lawyer Title's national office.
John Van Atta '62 John Van Atta Former President of Quaker Oats Company
Barry Berkus '55 - Architect Barry Berkus As founder of Berkus Design Studios (based in Santa Barbara) and one of the world's top 200 art collectors, Berkus's presence in art and architecture markets is unquestionable. His design studio is so successful, it has expanded offices to New York, LA, Chicago, and Tokyo, just to name a few, and has designed hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world. His art collections are continuously featured in museums nationwide. Berkus has also lectured at numerous universities, including UCSB.
Babette Heimbuch '70 Babette Heimbuch President and CEO of First Federal Bank of California
Jo-L Hendrickson '66- Founder and CEO of Individual Software, Inc Jo-L Hendrickson Hendrickson started his company in 1981 after recognizing that there were very few basic computer training programs on the market. Individaul Software has since expanded its line to include a number of different training programs.
Marcia McQuern '64 Marcia McQuern Serves as working Executive Director of Marketing and Media Relations at the University of California Riverside.
Richard Nanula '82 - Executive Vice President, Finance, Strategy and Communications for Amgen, Inc. Richard Nanula Before coming to Agmen, this businessman was the chief executive officer at Broadband Sports Inc., an internet media company, and held a number of positions at Walt Disney Co.
Doug Otto '73 - Founder of Deckers Doug Otto This business is President and CEO of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, specializing in upper end sports shoes. Deckers is the company that brings you Teva sports sandals, casual shoe line, Simple and Ugg, maker of sheepskin boots.
Tony Safford '77 Tony Safford Senior Vice President, 20th Century Fox
Kevin Smith '73 - President of the Minnesota Opera Kevin Smith This President and CEO of the Minnesota Opera became the company's leader in 1984. The Minnesota Opera is now the 16th largest opera company in the nation and continues to hold sold out performances.

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