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Blog Author(s) Description
SmartIntern Brandon King SmartIntern's blog covers all things regarding building a career in the world's most dynamic economy, China. We aim to impart the lessons we have learned through 10+ years of navigating China's complex job environment so that you can learn more, faster!
A Place in the World Cinda MacKinnon I started this blog for my new novel “A PLACE IN THE WORLD” which embodies topics I am interested in: multicultural and environmental themes.
Futurevox Mark Miglio Information technology, nonprofit and change management news with focus on productivity, gtd, web applications, cloud computing, blogging, social media, online marketing
Immigration Waivers Randall Caudle A blog about immigration waivers, especially provisional waivers for foreign national spouses of U.S. Citizens. We are an immigration law firm in San Francisco at www.caudleimmigration.com.
UCSB Gauchos Blog Tyler David Coady Blog for Gaucho sports fans
UCSB All Gaucho Reunion Alumni Association News, previews, photos, and info related to UCSB's annual All Gaucho Reunion
Super Vivid Mode Katie Robinette Travel, humanitarian work in Congo/Africa, keeping in touch with friends and family.
Paging Dr. La Puma John La Puma I write about the skills, recipes, products and research that help people look and feel better with what they eat, with tips and secrets from my medical practice.
A California Native Plant Garden in San Diego County Don Rideout My blog describes my garden consisting of plants native to California (especially San Diego County) and the Baja peninsula.
Her Writing Desk Alysse Rathburn This is a creative writing blog.
Carefree Chronicles Carolyn Wooddall I am named after my Nana, Carolyn- a name which means song of joy. My Nana's nickname was Carefree, so as a young girl I wanted that to be my nickname as well. My hope is to impart my joy and fascination with the world around me in a unique, carefree way.
UdontHave2BFat Aren Latimer Diets don't work. Changing your mind changes your body! Using humor, his little blog tells you how to get into a different mind space, for a lifetime of freedom from dieting. Hallelujah!
Mind of Kevin Kevin Ferguson A blog about various interesting topics relating to human fallibility, foolishness, ignorance and the trials of a new working-world, 9-5 recruit trying to find his purpose.
Buddha Fun Stephanie Han Life in Sun Lung Wai Village, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
CDM in New York Christopher Monson Initially about my move and subsequent acclimation to Ithaca, NY from Santa Barbara, this blog became a means for sharing my experiences during chemotherapy treatment for cancer. I hope to start publishing more regularly again as I start medical school next year.
Operation Medical Libraries Valerie Walker Features the faces and places of Operation Medical Libraries, a project I started in April 2007 that has American universities and hospitals collaborating to provide medical and nursing textbooks for medical students, nurses and physicians in countries of need. To date, OML has sent to 13 countries educational resources valuing more than $2.5 million.
Science Fun Christine Cockey Interesting science info written for people who are interested in science but not necessarily experts. Just fun science!
Project Practitioners Randall Englund Randy Englund (BSEE 68, MBA) shares experiences, insights, and learnings about project management, based upon his experiences at HP (22 years), GE (10 years), and as Executive Consultant at Englund Project Management Consultancy (12 years). Published fifth and six books in 2012--The Complete Project Manager and The Complete Project Manager's Toolkit.
HoyEnTec Ruben Orozco Noticias de Tecnología y Redes Sociales
The Poppygirl Diaries Megan Turner The Poppygirl Diaries is a lifestyle & DIY/crafting blog devoted to finding the little ways to make life pretty. It will also follow me through my upcoming travels as I spend the 2013-2014 year abroad through EAP in Barcelona, Spain.
Money Management for Modern Life Robert Jupille Financial planning and money management for the self employed and freelancers .
dougsatre.wordpress.com/ Doug Satre International Development, Adventure Travel
Eco Eloquence Christine Nelsen-Thuresson

My blog touches upon any and all environmental issues, but is in great part about what we as individuals can do. By knowing just how our choices effect our food, water, air, wildlife and other human beings, my hope is that this knowledge will prompt change—change towards a lifestyle that is lighter on planet Earth and more sustainable for all.

James Gross Jr. James Gross Mostly about urban planning and urban design. Subject to having random thoughts.
Girl Chases Globe Shannon Switzer Shares info, photo stories, and tips on Living richly & Treading Lightly- exploring the world while taking care of it. Ecotourism, Geotourism, Conservation Photography, Water & Ocean Conservation stories, etc.
Eat This Poem Nicole Gulotta Eat This Poem is a literary food blog.
Soulful Reading Amber Keating I write about all things healing to the self and soul. Topics range from self-care, to education on mental health and wellness, to mindfulness and emotion regulation strategies.
Newbie Writers Guide Catharine Bramkamp As part of the Newbie Writers Podcast, the Guide focuses on Newbie writers delivering current information on writing and the publishing industry.
His and Her Travel Robert Gutierrez Traveling around the world as a married couple.
Doctorious: My Adventures in Education Matthew Gilbert This blog reveals the in-the-classroom, on-the-road, and at-home experiences of adjunct instructor and instructional designer Matthew A. Gilbert, MBA. Topics tackled include business, education, technology and a personal focus on Autism.
Sequoia Senior Solutions Blog Stanton Lawson Comments & Discussions Pertinent to Seniors and Their Families
TravelGrom Evan Thomas Discover budget travel tips, surf spots and inspirational travel quotes.
Veni Vedi Bevi Melanie Ogren Roberts Food, wine & travel and coverage of food, wine and travel related events
Eventing In Color Sarah Rune The blog of an adult amateur eventer learning the ropes of equestrian 3-day eventing in southern California!
The Kelea Foundation Jennifer Gladwin The Kelea Foundation is an NPO that works to promote and empower women through water sports. The Blog follows the journey of the organization and the water community at large.
peacecorpslivin Brandon Hugueley Having just graduated from UCSB, I embarked to Nepal, a country I previously knew nothing about, to work as a Health/Agriculture Peace Corps Volunteer to work on Food Security.
Project: Face in Water Kimberlle Shults In 2013, I’m going to teach a swimming lesson to 40 individuals that do not like to put their faces in the water. I’m going to teach one private lesson to each participant, guiding each to put his/her face in the water by showing how to become comfortable and confident. My hope is that he/she will continue to cultivate a healthy relationship with the water, share his/her story and encourage others to do the same.
I Am Still Here! Darcy Freeman Everything
Astrobites Susanna Kohler & Elisabeth Newton Astrobites is a daily literature journal summarizing current astrophysical research at a level accessible undergraduates in the physical sciences. Astrobites is written by a team of graduate students world-wide; Elisabeth and Susanna have been blogging for Astrobites for two years.
Literary Arcadia Katherine Janson My blog is a literary Arcadia- a place where I discuss literature and reading, books I have read and want to read.
AdventureTravelNews Nicole Petrak We are the trade resource for the global adventure tourism industry, covering key trends, news and innovations. We’re working to ensure the sustainable development of the adventure tourism industry, with our sights set on people, planet and profit.
SquareCircleWorks Valerie Tonus SquareCircleWorks is about living a creative life. Themes include travel, arts and crafts, baking, and other lifestyle topics.
Photo Notes John Siskin A place to talk about making photographs. A continuing discussion of tools, methods and images from more than 40 years of photography.
Wanderlust Deborah Shibuya Chronicles of my travels, adventures, connections, challenges, and thrill-seeking through the eyes of a 22-year old moving abroad.
Santa Barbara Marketing Blog Branden Stanley Santa Barbara Marketing blog focuses on internet marketing, primarily PPC and SEO.
Blonde Ambition Katie Hanzlik A twenty something's search for food, fun & fulfillment. Weekly recipes, pictures of food & fun products, and thoughts on health and dieting.
Digital Pubbing Sabrina Ricci Covering digital publishing trends, metadata, EPUB3, KF8, self-publishing, and book reviews
Stories and Musings on Modern Life Meg Evans Stories and essays about life in a society that is changing more rapidly than any other in history—a society that is just beginning to discover the vast diversity it contains, to understand and feel comfortable with differences instead of suppressing them, and to draw strength from our shared stories and traditions in positive ways while navigating this complex cultural shift.
Junkyard Kicks Brendon Garner A music and culture blog, Junkyard Kicks supports friends and respected producers of music ranging from electronic to garage rock.
Finding Joy... Joy Candee Life, Travel, God, Faith, Culture, Literacy, Community Development, Family, Friends and other people I meet along the way.
Endless Road Stanley Moss This my own personal blog, which includes travel articles I have written for Lucire, the New Zealand fashion magazine, and other postings of personal interest.
UCSB Undergrad Research Alex Iteen, David Wallace, Eneida Chesnut, Erzsebet, Madison Cornwell Blog with articles about exciting research projects and efforts by UCSB Undergrads.
UCSB Career Service Blog UCSB Career Services Blog with advice, resources, and tips helping current and former Gauchos with their careers.
UCSB Econ Blog UCSB Economics Contains posts with news, advice, and information related to economics.
UCSB Philosophy Blog Various Contributors Philosophy related discussions, scheduled events, media, and links.
UCSB Education Abroad Program UCSB EAP Stories, articles, interviews, advice and more related to UCSB EAP.
UCSB GradPost Various Staff Writers Contains the latest and greatest news about graduate student life at UCSB.
UCSB Gauchos Hoops Gregory Nguyen The latest news on players, games, recruits, schedules, and events concerning UCSB Basketball.
UCSB Real Food Challenge RFC Interns Information, facts, stories, and more about real food:local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and humane.. 
Her Campus UCSB Various Contributors Stories, Articles, Opinions, and more related to the culture of Isla Vista and UCSB.
The UCTV Blog UCTV Administrators The inside scoop on the programs, people, and ideas behind University of California Television
Santa Barbara Seasons Various Authors Archives of stories related to UCSB Arts & Lectures events.
Vinogger Melanie Ogren Roberts Wine and wine events
In Home CPR Chris Schlesinger Safety instructor Chris Schlesinger writes about how to respond to medical emergencies
life full of LIFE Charlene Macharia My blog is about life. Daring to see life through the eyes of another, the eyes of one who is different from you. My blog is about changing the world and having fun while doing it
OwlHeart Healing Arts Jennifer Delaney In this blog, I relate moments when I feel most alive, capturing poignant, often humorous, moments that lead me to feeling more awake. Presence is the key to gratitude for being in this body on such a beautiful planet. We are blessed!
Micro Mom Blog Liz McCarthy A story of a mom who had twin premature babies weighing 1.5 pounds at birth, sadly, one of them lived only a few hours. This is their story
Remaking the University Michael Meranze and Christopher Newfield News, stories, articles and opinions related to the educational system.
Tellin' It Like It Is... Joy Real Anything and everything through my lens. Lots about parenting, self-discovery, living a grateful and present life.
Sweet Home Santa Barbara Amy Reed Sweet Home Santa Barbara is a lifestyle blog, focusing on faith, fitness and fashion, all while showcasing life in beautiful Santa Barbara!
Successful Corporate Communications Harlan West This blog provides is a content-rich site that provides a plethora of tips and information about how to develop effective corporate communications that include advertisements, event promotions, corporate newsletters, collaterals and e-publications. Topics include branding, marketing, design, color theory, customer service, infographics, photography, quality control, and printing and outsourcing.
PjennieEats Jennie Price Food, travel, recipes, etc. Based in LA.
Doubtrage Lucy Wong A few weeks after graduating from UCSB my father passed away after 14 years of playing with congestive heart failure. My blog is about my grief, family, being hapa and life in Portland, OR.
Pete's Place Peter Feldmann American traditional music: folk, old-time, bluegrass, cajun, and blues.
Random Thoughts from an Organized Mind Gregory Nguyen Moments of clarity in a sea of noise - the blog clarifies esoteric financial, monetary, and technological matters so that the layperson can understand the fundamental concepts. We are deluged my massive amounts of data. This blog attempts to filter the noise and synthesize concise, actionable outcomes.
UpstartWyn Wyn Lydedcker Resources and information for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to become one.
The Map of Another Star Courtney Hampton Travels in Europe, teaching English in Barcelona, and the adventures (and misadventures) along the way.
Czar's Blog John Hinman We are charter seat holders (four, behind home plate at AT&T)for the Giants and I write a blog before every home series prognosticating about the team and giving away tickets that aren't otherwise being used. We also publish a "Booze Rules" blog with updates and regulatory developments about alcohol beverage law, which our firm specializes in.
Dan's Journey To Life Daniel Malara A public sharing of my writing and self-forgiveness process for transcending preprogrammed limitations of the mind.
Courtney Hlebo Copyediting & Consulting Courtney Hlebo Topics cover editing, writing, and publishing.
PlanABrand Cindy Faith Swain Helping you think your brand through© – Get your ‘Plan A’ right from the start YOUR LOGO is THE non-verbal visual representation of YOUR BRAND when you’re not around to tell the story©.

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