Image Description As one of Spring Quarter’s most highly anticipated events, Extravaganza is a concert embedded in UCSB history. The annual outdoor music festival began in 1979 showcasing many local musicians. Quickly exploded in popularity, the performance began to garner big-ticket acts such as Steppenwolf, Run D.M.C, Jack Johnson, Drake and the Black Eyed Peas. Over the past thirty years, the event has showcased varying genres of music including rock, hip-hop, and most recently electronic. Extravanganza is funded entirely by UCSB students and has received recent criticism for its open door policy to non-students. As a result, the AS Program Board decided in 2011 to make Extravaganza a UCSB student-only event.
Image Description As UC Santa Barbara graduates and friends of the university, we each have our own image of UCSB. What we studied, where we lived, when we graduated; our campus experiences shaped us all. Let us know the memories you cherish. We look forward to reading your memories.

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