Cheadle Scholarship Vernon I. Cheadle Award

The Vernon I. Cheadle Award was established by the Alumni Association in honor of Dr. Cheadle's fifteen years of service to UCSB. The Award is to honor an outstanding UC Santa Barbara student who shares Dr. Cheadle's enthusiasm and passion for research and scholarship. Nominees are judged according to their potential as biological scientists and their achievements.

Dr. Cheadle served as the second Chancellor of UCSB from 1962 to 1977. He is remembered as an outstanding leader and was responsible for the transformation of UCSB into a first-class general campus of the University of California. He was also known for his teaching and research as a Professor of Botany from 1936 until 1995.

Application Information and Requirements:
Cheadle Award application will be available soon.

For more information on deadlines for this $500 award presented by the UCSB Alumni Association, contact Katja Seltmann at CCBER at (805) 893-2401 or


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