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There are naming opportunities ranging from $10,000 to $2 million. Place your name or the name of a friend or loved one on rooms and assigned spaces within the Mosher Alumni House.

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For inquiries or to make a donation contact:
Chris Pizzinat
Deputy Director, Development
4219 Cheadle Hall
Ph: 805-893-5126

About the Moshers Margaret Mosher

Samuel and Margaret Mosher were longtime supporters of UCSB. Samuel Barlow Mosher served as a UC Regent from 1956 until 1967, often flying Chancellor Vernon Cheadle to meetings of the regents in his own plane. He was an early and important donor to the present campus through the Samuel B. Mosher Foundation. In 1967, he contributed UCSB’s first major unrestricted gift ($93,937) and that followed a $100,000 gift in 1965 toward the building of the University Center (completed in 1966). By 1995, the Mosher Foundation had contributed over $2.1 million to UCSB for scholarships, athletics, buildings, and general use. He also made a significant donation to help build the University Religious Center in Isla Vista and the auditorium there was named in his honor in 1971. He was a graduate of UC Berkeley where he majored in agriculture. He was founder and owner of Signal Oil Company. However, orchid growing became his avocation and he founded Dos Pueblos Orchid Company in Goleta to pursue that interest. During World War II he was a director of the National Petroleum War Council. After the war, he was a founder and chairman of the board of the Flying Tiger Line.

Margaret Clinch Mosher was a trustee of The UCSB Foundation from 1983 until her death in 2002. She was named an Honorary Alumna of UCSB in 1992. She served as president of the Samuel B. Mosher Foundation and was president and owner of Dos Pueblos Orchid Company as well as owner of Perry Investment Company. She was also a board member of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University; the International Eye Tissue Bank; and the John Tracy Clinic, Los Angeles

Donors to the Mosher Alumni House

The UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mosher Alumni House.

Note: Alumni are listed first for joint gifts
H = Honorary alumni

Mary and Ross Adams '65/'65
David and Lena Adishian '89
Jacqueln M. Albini '53
Michael Aldaco '75 and Luci M. Castruita '80
Barbara and Bill Alhouse '50/'49
Lola and W.D. Altus '48
Andrew and Diane Ancel '76
Donald and Christine Anderson
Joann and Charles Anderson '53
Lyall and Marilyn Armstrong '52/'52
Virginia and Thomas Ashlock '53
Geraldine B. Atkinson '52
Harold and Joan Axelson '50
Elliott and Sophie Baer '54
Sally and Ralph Baggs '57
Kenneth and Doris Baines '55
Sally and Neil Baker '70/'70
Peter and Helen Bancroft '41
James and Cheryl Barber '67/'66
Donald E. Barnes
Louise and Robert Beggs '52/'52
June Behrens '47
Barry A. Berkus '55
Robert and Nancy Billhardt '55
Ed and Sue Birch H '95
Barbara K. Bodine '70
Pat Flynn Bonazzola '47
Raymond A. Bosch '62
Shirley and Ed Bowen '53
Donald K. Braden '68 and
Charlotte Hughes '69,
in memory of Antoinette Kinne Braden
Richard and Kathryn Breaux '67/'68
Robert Cabral '81 and Celina Zacarias '84
Blanche Brewster '43 and John Cannady
Gwen Brown '71 and Cameron Byrd
Ronald and Frances Brown '79
Michael and Carolyn Bruck '71
Paula and Thomas Bruice
Terrie and Philip Bugay '80/'81
Virginia and Roscoe Butcher '48/'49
Kathy and Steve Campbell '63/'63
Tim Carl '69
Helen M. Carlson '50
Ralph and Vana Carmona MA '74, PhD '84
Shirle and Robert Casier '50/'49
Samuel and Susan Cathcart '49
Vernon and Mary Cheadle H '90
Roger J. Chiang '94
Timothy L. Clack '69
Irene and Earl Clancy, Jr. '50
Sue and Robert Clawson '54
George and Dorothy Cole '49
Marjorie Cole '64,
in memory of Creighton James Cole
Judith M. Coleman '60
John and Beverly Colgate '69
Shirley J. Conley '53
Ann Cady Cooper '62
Steve and Sue Cooper '68
Bruce and Toni Corwin Foundation
Dorothy and Sherrill C. Corwin Foundation
Joyce and Robert Covey '51
Craig R. and Gayle (Stahl) Cummings '72/'75
Donald and Karolyn Cummings MA '74, PhD '82
Stephen D. Cummings '69
William and Carmen Cunningham '52
Lucille P. Daniel '42
Carmela C. Daniels '49
Nelda S. Darrow '48
James and Thelma Davee '52/'51
Ruth Dekyser '45
Delta Psi Building Company
Christine A. Demmelmaier '97
Larry and Phyllis DeSpain '63
Sam Dimas '49
Diane Dodds '68
Sandy J. Doerschlag '59
Ann Marie Durr '63
Gary E. Erickson '63
Herbert and Dorothea Evans '47
James B. Ewoldt '76
Joyce M. Farrell '50
Toks Fashola PhD '95
Janice and Thomas Flahie '77
Doris and Earl Flint '62
Jeff and Susan Flory '91
Dan W. Follmer '73, PhD '92
David and Linda Forman '66/'67
Mark French '73 and Paula Rudolph '81 PhD
Sumiye and Peter Fukasawa '37
Arnold and Norma Funai '51/'51
Gallup & Whalen
Maria and Robert Garcia '83/'74
James P. Gazdecki '74
John and Faith Geoghegan '59/'59
Sheridah and William Gerard '64
Heather and Matthew Gilbert '97/'96
The Ginder Family Foundation
Melinda J. Glasgow '02
Jeffrey A. Glick '73
Christie Goeller '89
Lois and Frank Goodall '48/'51
Erline and Dexter Goodell '61/'61
Kay Ryan Greene '52
Juliette G. Greer '41
R James and Susan Haden '69
Alek and Christine Haidos '55
Paul Hall
Charles and Peggy Hamilton
Mary Lee Hand '42
The Harder Family
Ted and Janis Harder '59
John Harnett '54 and Helen Moore Harnett
Harris Connect
Debra Hartunian
Mike Hartunian '48
Shirley R. Hartwig '54
Andrew and Annette Hass,
in memory of Ed Hass '72
Roger and Judy Haughton '69/'70
Jeff and Judy Henley '66
Meredyth and Carl Hentschke '50/'50
Gerry and Rick Hesse
James and Joanne Hezlep '59/'59
Shirley and John Hobson MA'78/'63, MA '65
Rory and George Hodsdon '51
Mary Ann and William Hoisington '54/'54
Jane and Bruce Hopkins '65
Marguerite J. Hougasian '53
Gwendolyn and Richard Houk '52
Leroy and Marty Houtz '60
Virginia N. Houtz '51
John M. Howell MA '74, PhD '79
Maurice Le Roy Huglin '54
M. Blair Hull '65
The Hunter and Kerrigan Families
June M. Jacobson
Garry and Jeanne Janes '82
Richard and Judith Jenkins MA '94
Phyllis and Bruce Jensen '38
Richard and Bonnie Jensen H '06
Tom and Heather Jevens '87/'88
Kimberly J. Johnson '95
Sara S. Johnson '80
Suzanne M. Jonas '84
Martha L. Jordano '48
Rob and Tracie Jupille '89
Ford Kaiser '53 and Arleen Pate
Sally Katich '48
Ron and Lynne Kaufman '71
Kevin R. and Cheryl Ann Kelly
Kenneth and Marjorie Kellogg '51/'51
Meredith and Ken Khachigian '66/'66
Jean and Butch King '70/'70
Jack and Jill Kinney H '90
Seybert and Tamara Kinsell
Marvel and Robert Kirby '51
Barbara Kirk-Kirchner and Walter Kirchner '50
Phillip and Eva Kirkpatrick '61
Gertrude and William Kitchen '46
Lida R. Klosterman '46
Theodore and Gerda Knudson '51
Judith and Alex Koper '84
Jack and Kay Krouskup '71/'71
Deborah A. Kurilchyk '72
Daniel and Jeannie Kutch '51
Louis Lancaster H '89
Robert and Ellen Lawson '59, MA '61/'59
Joan LeBlanc '75
Marilyn Lee '69 and Harvey Schneider
Lorin and Karen Letendre '68, MA '69
Emily S. Levine '46
John A. Lewis '51
Patricia and Richard Ley '54
James Lichter '86
Frank and Elva Limb '52
Renee and Craig Livingston '82/'82
M. Stanley Lokken '51
Robert and Joan Lorden '49
Chuck Loring '72
Rose and Don Louie
Audra and Randall Lowe '93
Gene and Susan Lucas '73/'73
Audrey M. Lund '47
Dee and Paul Mace
Anita and Robert MacInnes '61/'61
Gorjean and Edward Maggio '97
Robert and Joan Magruder '55
Gertrude and Harry Margah '47
Susan and Michael Mayo '67
John and Joan McCamman '75
Jack and Linda McCowan '70
Kathryn D. McKee '59
Bill and Margaret McLaughlin '50/'51
Marilynn and James McNamara '82/
MA '76, PhD '85
Marcia and L.M. McQuern '64
Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp /MA '70
Phyllis Bell-Melone '49 and Donald Melone '49
Steven and Barbara Mendell '63
Marla J. Mercer '73, MA '91 and
Fredrick C. Herzog, III '68
Junemarie and Howard Merrill '49
Alexandra Meshkov '79, MA '83
Sara Miller McCune H '05
Josephine A. Millett '52
Amy K. Mitchell '98
Jeanette Morgan '89
Scott D. Morgan '89
Tonya and Tom Morgan '63/'63
Edward and Elizabeth Morris '50/'76
Richard and Gale Morrison '69
Reva and Arthur Morrison '46
Margaret C. Mosher H '92 and
The Samuel B. and Margaret C. Mosher Foundation
Shizue Murashige '43
Timothy D. Naegele '62
Wayne and Brenda Nakagawa '61
Frank Ochoa '72 and Paula Lopez '88
Dan and Lisa Oh '91/'94
Rex Olson '74, TCMS '75 and Karen Porter
Nola and David Padgett '79
Alex Pananides H '06
Richard and Lois Parker '52
William R. Pascoe '67
Bernard W. Paulson '50
Peggy and Mac Peffley '62
Maxwell and Mary Pellish MA '61
Lyn and James Perino '60, MA'78/'61
Jennifer L. Pharaoh '82
Waldo W. Phelps '40
Jack A. Phinney '45
Samuel Pickens '42
Harley and Cynthia Pinson '73/'73
Chris and Ann Pizzinat '88
Marilyn and D. Frank Platz '51
John Plessman '49
Judith A. Pochini '53, MA '65
Donna and Robert Pollard '50
Wendy V.C. Purcell '84 and Kenneth L. Wilton
Jim and Laura Putnam ‘71/'71
and Jennifer Dudley '00
Brian and Joanne Rapp
Aaron and Cherie Raznick H '88
Catherine A. Reed '68
Jeanine Reed-Benson '59 and Joel A. Benson
Gretta M. Reineck '40
Winnie and Lynn Reitnouer ‘54/'55
Tom Reynolds '74
E. Lee and Mary Rice '67, MA ‘69/'69
Shirley Richardson '52
E. Stewart Robertson, Jr. '87 and Jennifer Eng-Wong
Patricia and John Robey '52/'52
Harvey and Florence Robins '54
Gilbert and Joy Robledo '64, PhD '78
Diann and Ronald Rogers '83
Gil and Val Romoff '60
Jeanne and Richard Rosenquist '49/'51
Raymond Rubenstein ‘53
Ron and Erica Rubenstein '66
Michael and Donna Rutter '61/'64
Mary-Jane and Bard Salcido '62/'59, MA '61
Jim A. Sanchez '78
Marvin J. Sands '43
Thomas and Karen Sanford '67
Robert and Dee Scalapino '40
Michael B. Schaup '94
Arlene and Jack Schaupp
Harvey and Hope Schechter ‘47
Roxann N. Schliecker '79
Douglas Schmidt '60
Deborah Schwartz '90
Mark and Lynda Schwartz '84
Security Pacific Foundation
Nancy and Bert Seymour '52
Jeanne B. Share '54
Robert and Helen Shoup '55
Michael and Ruth Siefe '79
Janice C. Simonson '51
Helen and George Smith '50/'50
Jay and Sally Smith
Anita and Eric Sonquist
Nicole Z. Sonquist '05
Gail and Bette Spalding '50
Helen and Frank Stamm '41
Gregory and Dale Stamos '68/'75
James C. Stanley '52 and Connie Sheller '62
Paula J. Stansbury '45
Judith Cosdon Stapelmann '63, MA '65 and
Jack Stapelmann
Claylain and William Starr '48/'48
Else and Lee Statom '51/'52
Fredric E. Steck '67
Peter and Anne Steiner H '05
Ruth and Paul Steiner
Frank and Kay Stevens '59/'62
Lowell C. Steward '42
Donald L. Stillman '47
Pamela and John Stoney '62/'61
Charles Storke, III '67 and Nancy Faville
Sally and James Subject '54/'54
Emily A. Sweet '02
Paul and Jody Sweet '69
Lorraine Taylor '49
Edith B. Thomas '42
Diane and Donald Thompson '50
Lois L. Thompson '39
George Thurlow '73 and Denise Eschardies
Patrica and Joseph Tolle '50
Catherine L. Tonne '81 and David W. Ohst
Leonard and Marian Torres '51
Geraldine and James Turner '49
UCSB Alumni Association
UCSB Collegiate Panhellenic Council
Gail and John Uilkema '65
Linda Ulrich '83
Donald and Celette Vanderford '49
Bruce and Nancy Varner '58
Betty M. Vess '53
William and Julie Ann Villa '77
Kent Vining '70 and Julie Ann Mock '75
Robert W. Vogelsang '53
Jocelyn and Richard Vortman '62
Robert M. Wakefield '57
Jess Walker '55
Margaret and Duncan Walker '52
Raymond and Rosemary Ward '61, MA '63
Theodore Ware '75
Joanne H. Wathey '50
Richard Watts
Margaret and Henry Weber '54/'54
Lynn and Rick Wells '68
Elsie T. Whitaker '47
Philip and Ann White '84
Glenna and Theodore White '49/'49
Thomas and Barbara White '50
John and Mary Wiemann
Bruce G. Wilcox '77
Clinton and Candace Williams '93
Marie J. Williams '89
Richard and Jeanne Williams '59
Bonnie Wilson '49
Travis Wilson '02
Gary and Elizabeth Windom '72
Laura Lollar Wolfe '84 and William Wolfe
Norman M. Wood '64
Virginia and Herbert Woods '51
Betty S. Woollomes '47
Bruce and Susan Worster '71/'70
Bill and Pamela Yankie '74
Darrell Young '97
Robert A. Young, Jr. '62
Katherine L. Younker '96
Jennifer and Hap Yount '93/'93
Barbara and Robert Zorich '72/'71

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