Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of the Alumni Association to take advantage of Alumni Career Services?

For several of the services, yes. In most instances members receive discounted rates on Alumni Career Services. Membership in the UCSB Alumni Association is open to anyone seeking closer ties to the University.

I'm uncertain as to a career path, how can I learn about various careers and jobs?

Visit our Career Resources page.You can access lists of careers, learn about their industry outlook, and find data on salaries and relocation costs. Information on career counseling is located here as well. There are links to sites that will help you create a resume and cover letter, and also links to sites with interview tips.

Does the Alumni Association provide career counseling?

The Alumni Association does not have career counselors on staff. We do, however, maintain a list of independent career counselors who offer discounts to Alumni Association members. Members of the UCSB Alumni Association may also access career counseling through the UCSB Career Center. These are both fee-for service programs.

Does the UCSB Alumni Association provide job placement services?

The Alumni Association does not provide job placement assistance. We provide resources, tools, networking opportunities and job listings designed to aid members in being proactive in their job searches and help them plan their career paths.  UCSB graduates who are members of the UCSB Alumni Linkedin Group do have access to jobs posted on our site's job board.  The use of job boards should be only a segment of the resources utilized in your job search.  Most positions are secured through your network.

Does the UCSB Alumni Association have an on-site career resource center?

The Alumni Association does not maintain an on-site career resource center. Our services are available for use online.

Where can I go for career assistance?

Members of the UCSB Alumni Association can access fee-for-services at the UCSB Career Center. Non-members and members can contact one of the independent career counselors on our career counselor list.
These counselors are available throughout the United States and offer discounts for Alumni Association members. Many are willing to work with clients via email and phone as well. If there is not a counselor listed in your area, contact the UCSB Alumni Association at 805-893-4611 or email
Services such as also work remotely to assist you in supporting your career needs at the level of service you desire.

I don't live in Santa Barbara. How can I access services?

Many of our services are on-line. If you have questions, please call the UCSB Alumni Association at 805-893-2288 or contact

How do I secure a copy of my transcript?

Visit the Registrar's office or go online here.


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