William Rosenberg '82 William Rosenberg Professor of Medicine at Harvard
Mary P. Ryan '71 - Historian Mary P. Ryan Ryan is a professor of History and Women's Studies and Margaret Bryne Professor of American History at UC Berkeley. She primarily focuses on gender, class and family, and has written a number of books, including "Cradle of the Middle Class: The Family in Oneida County, New York, 1790-1865" for which she won a 1981 Bancroft award.
Robert Scalapino '40 - Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley Robert Scalapino Professor Scalapino is a scholar of the politics of China and Japan, and has wrote several books about his field. He is the founder and a former director of, the Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley. Click here for more information about his published work
Ron Vale '80 - Professor at UC San Francisco Ron Vale Prof. Vale works to understand the molecular motors that power the movement of membranes, proteins, and mRNAs along microtubules in cells. In 1991 he won a Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry.

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