The 2017 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

Four students were honored with a UC Santa Barbara Alumni Legacy Scholarship during the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association Board of Directors annual meeting on Saturday, June 3, at Mosher Alumni House. Legacy students Jonathan Cloughesy, Jesse Eaton-Luria, Jessica Vived and Connor Reilly were recognized for their academic achievements and involvement on campus.

Also recognized was Francesca Towers. Her artwork is currently displayed on the Lorin '68, M.A. '69 & Karen Letendre Alumni Art Gallery wall at Mosher Alumni House. She received a $500 scholarship from the Letendres.

The UC Santa Barbara Alumni Legacy Scholarship provides a $2,000 award for deserving legacy students at UC Santa Barbara. Created in 2001 by the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Board of Directors, it is funded through membership dues and private donations.

Jonathan Cloughesy and his parents

Jonathan Cloughesy | Calabasas, CA
Senior, Biopsychology

Hobbies: Meditation, playing music (sitar and guitar), hiking, reading, learning

I recently completed the Camino de Santiago, a multi-day hike beginning in Porto, Portugal, and ending in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

I plan to delve deeper into the human experience, practicing meditation at a meditation retreat center, and then attend graduate school to investigate the many benefits mindfulness and meditation can bring to individuals and our society as a whole.

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship will provide the motivation needed to make my dream of improving well-being in society come true. Often, the value of being validated along one's path is forgotten. Yet exactly this type of support and recognition is essential to encouraging aspiring scholars like myself to whole-heartedly pursue their dreams. Along my journey, I will look back upon the Legacy Scholarship as a source of strength, and as a reminder that no matter what obstacles I encounter, I will always have a family willing to support me at UCSB.

UCSB has provided me with countless experiences to explore and grow. I've been able to delve into topics ranging from Ancient Greek Philosophy to Molecular Genetics, get SCUBA certified, take a Beatles guitar course, join campus organizations like Amigos de UCSB and the Buddhism and Mediation Club, and above all, make lifelong connections with students and faculty passionate about living life to its fullest. UCSB truly has it all.

Jesse Eaton-Luria and her mother

Jesse Eaton-Luria | San Rafael, CA
Freshman, Global Studies, emphasis in Spanish

Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, exploring, reading, spending time with friends and family

At UCSB, I have recently been hired as a soccer referee and as a first year, I hope to look for opportunities to gain experience and more responsibility as the quarters go by. Additionally, I have a summer internship with The Concord Group in San Francisco that I am very much looking forward to in order to gain professional development and experience.

After I graduate, I hope to travel and live abroad in a Spanish speaking country and volunteer with non-profits, or perhaps do the Peace Corps. I aspire to broaden my global and cultural understanding of the world and eventually return to the United States and work with non-profits and Spanish speaking communities in the States.

This scholarship will help provide me with the tools and belief in myself to continue reaching for my dreams as well as help me make the most of my time here at UCSB.

My mom attended UCSB; she is my greatest role model and one of my best friends. It was because of her that UCSB was my dream school since the age of 4. Stepping (or biking) on campus every day, amongst my esteemed professors, TAs, and peers is an indescribable feeling. My experiences here at UCSB has already shaped who I am and taught me so much about myself. From joining the student activists network to playing my first game of intramural soccer, UCSB encourages all of its students to live to their fullest potential and always try new things, because everyone in this one-of- a-kind community will be welcomed with open arms.

Jessica Vived with her family

Jessica Vived | Fresno, CA
Sophomore, Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics and Public Policy, and Mathematics

Hobbies: Surfing, playing guitar, hiking, running

This scholarship will aid in my endeavors to graduate from UCSB, law school and ultimately begin my life's goal to help other people who are unable to help themselves.

During my first year at UCSB, I went through a period of confusion. I had no idea what my major was going to be, but I did know that I was unhappy as a Pre-Biology major. Biology just was not meant for me. I began searching for other majors and decided to take a philosophy class. The Intro to Ethics course was phenomenal, but I did not decide to become a Philosophy major until I had a meeting with my TA, Zach Rentz. The meeting was simply to discuss a term paper; however, in that meeting, I walked away not only with tips for writing a philosophy paper but also with the resolve to become a philosophy major. Ever since, I have wholeheartedly approached my major. I question the world in new, interesting ways, and my major change set me on the path to attend law school and perhaps even make a positive difference in the world. That one meeting with my TA changed the trajectory of my life, and I am thankful for that. I earned Dean’s Honors (L&S) in Fall 2015 and 2016.

I plan on attending law school and, eventually, practicing international law.

Connor Reilly and his parents

Connor Reilly | Fountain Valley, California
Junior, Chemistry B.S.

Hobbies: Surf, ski, play water polo, spend quality time with my best friends

This scholarship will help me fund my fifth year in the B.S/M.S Material Science Program here at UCSB. I am not yet enrolled in the program but I am determined to qualify and complete it and this funding will go a long way to supporting that end.

I am a Regent Scholar and Doyle Scholarship recipient. I plan to work in a research position for a materials engineering or chemistry company.

One group of alumni in particular, my father and his Gaucho buddies, have had a large impact on the way I have decided to live my life. These alumni have shown me what it means to make lifelong relationships, to follow their passions in their careers and life, and to bring positivity and fun everywhere they go. Their example has motivated me to strike the same balance in my life.

Francesca Towers

Francesca Towers | Carlsbad, CA
Freshman, Art

Hobbies: Photography, jewelry making, yarn work

I chose to attend UC Santa Barbara to surround myself with a diverse student body and embrace the challenge and opportunities of a research university.

My introspective artwork employs symbolic imagery, expressive lines, and bold colors to translate my personal experience with spinal fusion surgery and familial relationships into my art. My work has been displayed in The Glass Box gallery, The Box in IV Theater, and published in The Catalyst, UC Santa Barbara’s student-run literary magazine.

I intend to further study oil painting and eventually become an arts teacher to encourage others to see value in and communicate through their art.


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