UC Santa Barbara Alumni Founders Circle Honoring the University's Past and Assuring Its Future

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The UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association has always offered its members many ways to support the university and nurture its growth. Now, an important new leadership council is being formed that makes that goal more attainable than ever. Known as the Founders Circle, this group will become an integral part of the Alumni Association, and have a real voice in determining the Association’s strategy for honoring UC Santa Barbara’s past and assuring its future.


Membership in the Founders Circle is not for everyone. A commitment to support UC Santa Barbara and the Alumni Association with a minimum pledge of $5,000 is required (with a pledge period of up to five years). The Founders Circle will be of service to the University in a host of significant ways—many of them unique. First, it will make certain that Mosher Alumni House is preserved as a true cornerstone of the campus and a home for all visiting Alumni. Second, it will contribute much-needed resources to the Association’s Scholarship Program, helping future generations receive a life-changing education at UC Santa Barbara. In addition, many other worthwhile programs—such as Career Connection, Alumni Publications and the All-Gaucho Reunion—will be kept alive and allowed to thrive. But, most importantly, the members of the Founders Circle will themselves become founders of a tradition of substantially “giving back” to the institution that has been such an important part of all of our lives. Membership in the Founders Circle is for those who are ready to take responsibility and help create a culture of philanthropy among current and future graduates. That will be their legacy for many years to come.

Please consider supporting the Founders Circle and help honor the university’s past and assure its future. You can contribute to this scholarship fund online by clicking here. Or you can mail a check to:

  UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association
  Attn: Alumni Founders Circle
  Mosher Alumni House
  Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1120

For information on how to get involved with the Alumni Founders Circle Fund, please contact John Lofthus at 805-893-8416.



UCSB alumni and friends have joined the Alumni Founders Circle since its launch in December of 2011


has already been awarded to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, the equivalent of 38 scholarships for current UCSB students


Over $275,000 has already been raised in gifts in pledges


UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
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