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Winter 2016

Alumni Authors

Book cover: Fearless HR

David C. Forman `66
Fearless HR: Driving Business Results

Written by the Human Capital Institute’s chief learning officer David C. Forman, Fearless HR is a professor’s journey through the human resources question. Forman explores how human resources perceptions, opportunities and business results are driven by a clear, articulated focus on building human resources capabilities, strengthening networks, implementing the right levers and demonstrating a fearless mindset.

Book cover: Chicagonomics

Lanny Ebenstein `82
Chicagonomics: The Evolution of Chicago Free Market Economics

Lanny Ebenstein’s Chicagonomics is the first comprehensive history of economics at the University of Chicago. Readers will learn why Chicago had such influence, and how Chicago tradition, vision and economic perspectives inform current economic and social circumstances. In his tenth book on the history of economic and political thought, Ebenstein explores the personal and intellectual relationships among leading figures in economics at the Unicersity of Chicago, from Jacob Viner and Frank Knight to George Stigler and Friedrich Hayek.

Book cover: Out of the Wasteland

Paul Relis, `73
Out of the Wasteland: Stories from the Environmental Frontier

Paul Relis’s compelling Out of the Wasteland is a story about the genesis of Santa Barbara’s environmental movement. Relis, one of the founders of the Santa Barbara Community Environmental Council, shares his journey from his days as a young activist, to working with state government and private institutions as a leader of the movement. His memoir is a treasure trove of personal recollections and complex issues experienced by a man who has committed his life to saving the environment.

Book cover: A Foolish Consistency

Andrea Weir, `83
A Foolish Consistency

Andrea Weir’s award-winning debut novel explores the complexities of love, grief and family in A Foolish Consistency, a story about two former lovers who meet in hospital emergency room during the holidays. After a tough divorce, Callie Winwood thought the company of her dog was enough. But a chance encounter with her ex-college boyfriend -- a widower with two young children -- changes the trajectory of her life.

Book cover: Tether's End

William Conelly, `66
Tether’s End

While his parents backpack through Europe, Martin Heydekker spends his summer with Uncle Chick at the edge of a lake in Maine. When his friend Suzy starts asking questions about his uncle, Martin isn’t quite sure how to react to her revelations. Conelly’s first novel takes us through complicated questions about sexuality, marriage and family from the point of view of a nine-year-old boy.

Book cover:Am I a Soldier Yet

David H. Reich `73
Am I a Soldier Yet?

This wartime romance is based on correspondence between Corporal Bernie Reich and his sweetheart Sylvia. Through a compilation of letters written between 1943 and 1944, Reich reveals a family story about love, forgiveness and freedom from the conditioning of the past.

Book cover: Common Sense Nation

Robert Curry, `67
Common Sense Nation: Unlocking the Forgotten Power of the American Idea

Robert Curry’s book reintroduces the 21st century reader to the political ideas of our nation’s founding fathers. In their own words, we rediscover the profound power of American selfgovernance. Curry reclaims the language of liberty and shares with readers a chance to reclaim their personal political power.