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Summer 2016

Around Storke Tower

A Year Like No Other in Politics

Woolley and trustee Adishian

If you were to guess where the most popular site in online traffic was located on the UC Santa Barbara website, you might think of Athletics. Or maybe Financial Aid? Could it be the Baldwins Sociology of Sex lecture notes pages?


Sometime this fall the obscure American Presidency Project run by a UCSB political scientist and a Citrus College professor will be racking up the highest hit rates of any place on the UCSB web site. Already the site is posting 100,000 visits a day and the Clinton-Trump contest has not even entered round one.

The site contains a warehouse of Presidential papers, speeches, facts and documents. From a chart showing how many words have been in each of the State of the Union addresses going back to George Washington, to transcripts of more than 2,000 presidential press conferences, the Project is a treasure chest for researchers. But in this election year it is drawing even larger numbers of public visitors.

“In today’s hyper-partisan era,” explained co-founder John Woolley, “people value reliable non-partisan information. The APP has built a reputation as an authoritative, accurate, politically neutral site that is easy to navigate.”

Woolley plans to expand the offerings this election year and he noted that the site is also entering into agreements with other data bases to allow quick linkage to presidential materials.

“Our goal is to contribute,” he said, “if only in a modest way, to an informed democratic discourse that is passionate primarily in the belief that facts matter.”

The APP was founded by Woolley and Gerhard Peters in 1999. It contains more than 117,000 documents from the U.S. Presidency and was recently cited by a White House speech writer as an important resource because it was “so complete and so current.”

Woolley has become something of a media expert on presidential facts, but his most recent citation came from his writing on financial reform. His work was used by The New Yorker in a May 16 article about financial reform.

The APP recently receive a major boost with a gift from UCSB Trustee David G. Adishian.

You can find the APP at

UCSB Media Arts and Technology Doctoral Program Chair Receives Guggenheim Fellowship

George Legrady
Caption: UCSB MAT Chair George Legrady
PHOTO CREDIT: Olivia Harris

Multidisciplinary artist George Legrady, who serves as chair of the UC Santa Barbara Media Arts and Technology (MAT) program and is a professor at the UCSB Art Department, has been named a 2016 Guggenheim Fellow. Legrady is among the 178 recipients of this year’s fellowships awarded by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. A digital computational arts pioneer, Legrady’s work focuses on creating new aesthetic and narrative experiences via photographic-based media, interactive digital media installations and computationally-generated visualizations.

Jeffrey Milem Appointed Next Dean of UCSB Gervitz Graduate School of Education

Jeffrey Milem headshot

Author and educator Jeffrey Milem will assume the deanship of the UCSB Gervitz Graduate School of Education on July 1, 2016. Milem served as the Ernest W. McFarland Distinguished Professor in Leadership for Education Policy and Reform at the University of Arizona’s College of Education. He was also a professor at the Center of the Study of Higher Education and served as director of the Arizona Medical Education Research Initiative (AMERI) for the Colleges of Education and Medicine at the University of Arizona. He is a fellow of the American Educational Research Association and a past president of the Association for the Study of Higher Education.

At Last, A Starbucks at UCEN

The campus University Center will soon be home to a Starbucks location after a committee of students, faculty and staff decided it would be more popular than the current UCEN coffee shop Nicoletti’s, which has been on campus for more than 25 years. Sue Hawkins, director of UCEN dining services, told The Daily Nexus that it is expected that Starbucks will generate more revenue for the UCEN, which is totally self-supporting. “We think it’s something that the campus wants, and that’s our goal, to provide services that our campus constituents want and we think that Starbucks is one of those.” The Starbucks opening is set for the fall.